Murano Glass Jewelry

Welcome to Murano Di Susanne!  You are entering a world of classic fashion.  Susanne works with designers in Italy to bring you the latest trends of Murano glass jewelry directly from Venice.

Murano Di Susanne comes out with new collections twice a year: Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. Keeping up with the latest trends, yet creating pieces that will become your new favorite classics.

A large assortment of necklaces, bracelets and earrings are available. This makes the line so fun and versatile because you can mix and match different styles and colors and create your own style.

Using authentic Murano glass beads from Venice, Italy for all the jewelry, each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Have fun and enjoy your lovely pieces of Murano glass jewelry exclusively from Murano Di Susanne!

Hottest new trend in fashion jewelry: Murano Glass Pearls

The newest product coming from Venice, Italy is Pearls.  Strands and strands of gorgeous glass pearls with a lustre that looks real even with close inspection.  And since it's from Venice, ofcourse there is a touch of Murano glass and Italian style that makes them stand out from any ordinary pearl necklace.  Available in all lengths even as a choker with matching bracelets, earrings and rings.  Pearls are the perfect accessory to go from day into evening and always look well dressed.

A bit of History about Murano Glassmaking


Murano’s reputation as a global center for glass making dates back to when, in 1291, the Venetian Republic, fearing fire and destruction to the city’s mostly wood buildings, ordered glassmakers to move their foundries to Murano. Murano glass is still related to Venetian glass.

Murano's glass makers were soon among the island’s most famous citizens. By the 14th century, glass makers were allowed to wear swords, enjoyed immunity from prosecution by the Venetian state and found their daughters married into Venice’s most affluent families. However glassmakers were not allowed to leave the Republic. Many craftsmen took this risk and set up glass furnaces in surrounding cities and as far afield as England and the Netherlands.

By the end of the 16th century, three thousand of Murano island's seven thousand inhabitants were involved in some way in the glass making industry.

Murano’s glass crafts man had a monopoly on exquisite, high end glass making for hundreds of years, developing or refining many technologies including crystalline glass, enamelled glass (smalto), glass with threads of gold (aventurine), multicoloured glass (millefiori), milk glass (lattimo), and imitation gemstones made of glass. Today, the artisans of Murano are still using these century-old techniques, crafting everything from contemporary art glass and glass jewelry to Murano glass chandeliers and wine stoppers.

Today, Murano is home to the Museo Vetrario or Glass Museum in the Palazzo Giustinian, which displays the history of glass making through the present day.

The Glassmaking Art

The process of making Murano glass is rather complex. Most Murano glass art is made using the lampwork technique. The glass is made from silica which becomes liquid at high temperatures. As the glass passes from a liquid to a solid state, there is an interval when the glass is soft before it hardens completely. This is when the glass-master can shape the material.


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